Current Firmware and App Version

    1. Firmware Version 3.6.4007
    2. iOS v. 3.4.2
    3. Android v. 2.8.17

    Cobblestone Security

    1. Automatic password protection for Cobblestone Hotspot
    2. Cobblestone Wi-fi Password Protection
    3. Hide Cobblestone SSID
    4. Characters supported in the Cobblestone's Wi-fi Password

    Update Firmware

    Improvements running on the firmware located inside of the Cobblestone are done on a regular basis in order to enhance the user’s experience.
    In addition, updating firmware can resolve issues like:
    1. Unable to see a music service in my MUZO App even though its listed as a supported music service.
    2. Issues streaming music from your NAS device.
    3. Airplay not working.
    Click the links below instructing you on how to update your firmware:
    1. Update Firmware
    2. Manually Update Firmware

    Finding the Firmware Version

    If you do not know the firmware version of your Cobblestone,
    please check this article: How to find the firmware for your Cobblestone

    Multi-Room Feature

    The multi-room feature allows you to either synchronize music throughout your home or play different music in each room,
    which is controlled all on one smartphone or tablet.
    Please click on the link on how to switch from using solo room to multi-room mode: Multi-Room Feature

    Power cycling the Cobblestone

  • Powercycling the Cobblestone can resolve issues like:
  • 1. Cobblestone crashing
  • 2. What do I do if the Cobblestone hangs and requires reboot?
  • 3. I'm unable to connect to Spotify, what do I do?
  • Steps to Power Cycle the Cobblestone:
  • 1. Take out the plug connected to the Cobblestone.
  • 2. Wait a couple seconds and then put the plug back into the Cobblestone.

  • Initiating a Factory Reset

    Please initiate a factory reset if you experience issues like:
    1. Wi-Fi disconnection
    2. Sound breaks when streaming music
    3. Clearing presets on the Cobblestone

    Streaming music from my Mac or PC

    You can stream music from your laptop to the Cobblestone through the following methods:
  • 1. iTunes Airplay on Mac or PC
  • 2. Windows Media Player on a PC
  • 3. Spotify Connect (Spotify Desktop Client) on your laptop
  • 4. Streaming audio from the web (iOS products only)
  • Please see this article for further instructions.

    Alternative ways to connect the Cobblestone to Wi-Fi

    If you are having trouble connecting your Cobblestone to your Wi-Fi connection,
    please take a look at the alternative ways to connect the Cobblestone to Wi-Fi


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