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    Update Firmware

    Improvements running on the firmware located inside of the Cobblestone are done on a regular basis in order to enhance the user’s experience. Please update your firmware to obtain the latest improvements and to avoid running into issues. Follow the steps below to update your firmware automatically:
  • 1. Open your MUZO player app and refresh your “Device List” page by swiping down on the screen.
  • 2. The app will prompt you to download firmware updates for any Cobblestone that does not have the latest firmware version.
  • If this does not work for any reason, you can take the following steps to manually update your firmware:
  • 1. Connect your smartphone to the Cobblestone Wi-Fi hotspot by selecting the Cobblestone Wi-Fi SSID located in your wireless connection.
  • 2. Put this link in your browser:
  • 3. Click the “System” tab and click on “Online Update”. Please update if needed.
  • 4. Click on the “Status” tab to check the current firmware version
  • Cobblestone Wi-Fi Password Protection

  • 1. Open the Muzo App and swipe right to “Device “List.
  • 2. Select gear iconfor the Cobblestone you want to add a password to.
  • 3. Select “Speaker info”
  • 4. Scroll down to "Add Password Protection" and select it.
  • 5. Create password and select confirm.
  • Multi-Room Feature

  • The multi-room feature allows you to either synchronize music throughout your home or play different music in each room, which is controlled all on one smartphone or tablet.
  • Follow the steps to use the multi-room feature:
  • 1. Plug in a Cobblestone to each powered speaker.
  • 2. Configure it to your Wi-Fi network.

    Power cycling the Cobblestone

  • Powercycling the Cobblestone can resolve issues like:
  • 1. Cobblestone crashing
  • 2. What do I do if the Cobblestone hangs and requires reboot?
  • 3. I'm unable to connect to Spotify, what do I do?
  • 4. What do I do if the Cobblestone hangs and requires reboot?
  • Steps to Power Cycle the Cobblestone:
  • 1. Take out the plug connected to the Cobblestone.
  • 2. Wait a couple seconds and then put the plug back into the Cobblestone.
  • Initiating a Factory Reset
    (fixes Wi-Fi connection issues)

    Method one:

    1. Locate the WPS on the back of the unit and press it for 6-8 seconds.

    Method two:

  • 1. Open the MUZO app and swipe left to access your “Device List”.
  • 2. Find the unit you want to reset and select gear icon
  • 3. Select “Speaker Info” and scroll down to find “Restore Factory Settings”.
  • Streaming music from my Mac or PC

    You can stream music from your laptop to the Cobblestone through the following methods:
  • 1. iTunes Airplay on Mac or PC
  • 2. Windows Media Player on a PC
  • 3. Spotify Connect (Spotify Desktop Client) on your laptop
  • Hide SSID

  • 1. Open your MUZO player App to "Device List" and select gear icon
  • 2. Select "Speaker Info”
  • 3. Select "Need Hide SSID"